The Team

FIBRAN are its people. We carry the FIBRAN name proudly and aim to always deliver our best. We are a team of different people with various  areas of knowledge and a sound common interest. With a good reason: different ideas mixed with a common goal and vision result in great products and sound business.


Konstantinos Psaroulis


Michalis Kontos




Aleš Petrovič

Sales director

Ana Marija Zupančič


Monika Hrvatič

Commercialist for the German-speaking market

Petra Švigelj

Sales and technical support in the field

Davor Perinić

Sales and technical support in the field

Robert Filipović

Sales Manager for CRO

Dženan Odobašić

Sales Manager for B&H


Marketing and technique

Milena Kirn

Marketing and technical support

Tanja Herr

Marketing and technical support for CRO, B&H, AT in GER


R&D and quality

Marjeta Vide Lutman

Head of R&D

Mira Bistrovič

Head of the laboratory

Jure Lovšin

Application development and technical support

Matej Lesar

Research and development

Procurement and logistics

Darinka Breglec

Procurement and Logistics Manager (Procurator)

Dejan Kerin



Finance and Administration

Martina Mernik

Head of Finance and Administration

Sonja Zore

Bookkeeping and accounting

Metka Černec

Expert in Human Resources and Accounting



Tomaž Kralj

Head of informatics


Production department

Franc Levstek

Factory manager

Dragan Jovanovski

Head of Preparation and Technology