Cladded façade

In cladded façadea, cladding as the final layer – following the thermal insulation - is glued or otherwise fixed to the exterior wall

Cladded façade are part of the ETICS facades family (External Insulation Composite System). While they are layered much like the facing brick façade, the adhesive layers, reinforcement mesh and anchors must be carefully calculated according to the type and load of the cladding material. Cladded façade are extremely interesting, but they require impeccable implementation. By experience, sound knowledge of materials is a key factor in achieving their durability.

Different cladding materials can be used, where natural stone is increasingly popular for its architectural effect. However, it requires proper anchoring and appropriate dilatations in laying. Cladded façade without dilatations are limited in height and surface area, depending on type and thickness of the cladding material. Only thermal insulation with appropriate adhesion and compressive strength, such as FIBRANxps ETICS BT should be used.

Assembly of Cladded façade

  • natural stone
  • adhesive for exterior use
  • adhesive for exterior use
  • exterior wall
  • plastering